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The Fawsett Trust

(Registered charity 201150)


This is a small charitable trust of many years standing that distributes vouchers to elderly, long term residents of Chalfont St Giles in December each year.  The income to enable this comes from dividend income supplemented by donations from local organisations, such as the Village Show and the Chalfont St Giles Playgroup, and from kind individuals.


Claim forms are completed by (or for) qualifying villagers, being those aged over 65 who have limited incomes and have been resident in the village for at least 20 years.  The vouchers distributed are redeemable in exchange for goods only at any village shop, so there is a double benefit for the village as a whole by supporting both individuals and shops.  The total value of the vouchers redeemed in 2018 was £2,285 spread among 31 households.  No administrative expenses were charged to the trust.  The trustees are established as the Rector of the Parish, two Parish Councillors and two others.


Although the scale of the Fawsett Trust is small, the vouchers seem to make a considerable difference to the recipients and are very gratefully received.  In these modern times it is, perhaps, sad that there are folk in the village to whom a relatively small amount can make a real difference at Christmas. 


The Trust Will Be Delighted to Receive Donations Towards This Work and these will be faithfully applied.


Further information may be obtained from Rev. Ian Brown at The Rectory, 2 Deanway, or from Mrs. Valerie Bayly-Jones at Russets, Back Lane (Tel: 01494 873776).