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Residents living in areas covered by Neighbourhood Watch can expect to experience 11% fewer crimes, the leader of the crime-prevention movement has said today (17 June).

Research from Nottingham Trent University (NTU) found that if a household were transplanted from a non Neighbourhood Watch area to an identical area (in terms of population density, poverty, etc.) with the only exception that there was an active Neighbourhood Watch scheme, then this household would experience 11% fewer crimes.

Since the mid-1990s, there has been a significant drop in burglaries according to the Crime Survey for England and Wales. During this period, the research by NTU reveals that burglaries have fallen faster in Neighbourhood Watch areas than others with otherwise identical household and area profiles.

These findings also suggest that vulnerable social groups, including lone parents, social renters and people living in flats and maisonettes, who live within a Neighbourhood Watch area are more protected than others.

The research revealed that 72% of Neighbourhood Watch members live in urban areas, 22% in rural areas and just 6% in inner city areas. However, if asked to join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, households in inner city areas would be the most eager to do so.

John Hayward-Cripps, CEO of the Neighbourhood Watch Network, said: “The evidence is clear. No matter your background, social class, whether you own your own property or rent, you are safer if you live within a Neighbourhood Watch area.

“The modern day Neighbourhood Watch operates in many different ways and is flexible to how people live and work. Some are run entirely online through social media, others have regular face to face meetings. Whatever works for you, works for Neighbourhood Watch.

“If you’re worried about crime in your area or just want to get to know your neighbours a bit better, starting a Neighbourhood Watch could be the perfect project for you. Our website offers a wealth of advice, guidance and help for anyone considering this.”

Andromachi Tseloni, Professor of Quantitative Criminology at Nottingham Trent University, authored the different components of the research in collaboration with Professor Ken Pease, Dr. James Hunter and Ferhat Tura.

The news is revealed at the start of national Neighbourhood Watch Week, which runs from 17 – 23 June, which aims to present a more rounded view of the world-famous movement using the hashtag: #MoreThanYouExpect.

All week, Neighbourhood Watch Network will be highlighting their volunteers work in areas not traditionally associated with the organisation such as tackling knife crime, loneliness and scams.

More information about Neighbourhood Watch, including the ability to join or register a scheme, is available at:

Chalfont St. Peter holds its annual Feast Day at the end of June on Gold Hill, as I'm sure you are aware. As usual there will be a presence from Neighbourhood Watch to encourage general membership and - hopefully - the setting up of more local Schemes. The more we have, the better for the whole village.

If you are able to offer us an hour of your time on the 29th to hand out leaflets and chat to local residents about the benefits of having a NhW Scheme in their road, please get in touch as soon as possible.

Many thanks in anticipation!

This is a reminder that the School Aid 6th annual Fun Run is taking place in less than a fortnight on the morning of Sunday, 30 June 2019.
We are really excited about our new location in Hedgerley and our scenic countryside 2km and 5km courses.
Why not find out more and register on line now at
Registration will also be available on the day.
We look forward to your participation and support.

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