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28th August 2020 Planning Refused.

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St Giles we need your help again to protect our village

NextPhase have now submitted a planning application to build 31 houses on Greenbelt land on Narcot Lane

This planning application is in addition to the 42 affordable properties applied for at High View, and the 14 at the Land behind Old Beams on Three Households. This means there have been planning applications for 87 new properties in the village since Christmas.

We aim to oppose this unnecessary and inappropriate development as our village infrastructure and greenbelt need to be protected for the future.

If you can support us please send the planning officer a letter or email of objection against NextPhase’s planning application on Narcot Lane. Please use this link to examine the planning proposals and how to make your opinion count:

Subject: PL/20/0186/FA | Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 31 affordable dwellings with associated car parking, open space, landscaping, drainage and infrastructure works. | 20 Narcot Lane Chalfont St Giles Buckinghamshire HP8 4DA


If you need advice on what to write in your email/letter, email us at
Please also sign our petition at

We are opposed to it because:

•Traffic Congestion: Our small roundabout won’t be able to cope with the increase of traffic from 31 houses. We will see traffic jams and increased pollution from idling car engines along Narcot Lane, Three Households, The Deanway and into the village as they queue for the roundabout.

•Parking: We already have problems with parking. Footpaths are blocked every day. The proposal does not provide enough parking and will add to the chaos for pedestrians.

•Health and Safety: The increased traffic will be a danger to the children and residents who use the youth club, as well as the many horse riders, dog walkers, cyclists and school children.

•GP Surgery: It is already very difficult to get an appointment when you need one!

•School Places: Where will the children from 31 houses go to school?

•Green Belt & Affordable Housing: This land is designated greenbelt. The developers plan to get around this by saying it is affordable housing, but they haven’t said who it is aimed at and how it will help villagers. We all accept there is a need to provide more affordable housing to meet the needs of the village, and proposed locations are clearly laid out in the Neighbourhood Plan and Local Plan. Those who need affordable housing will not be able to afford these properties.

•CSG Youth Club: We are concerned the new residents might oppose the existence of the youth club in the future. This is an important resource for our community and must be protected for future generations. 

•Wildlife: The land has been left unattended for years, it has become a wildlife habitat with sightings of badgers and bats amongst other wildlife. We should be protecting greenbelt land in order to protect our wildlife and environment.